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Vigilant & Simplex: Fire Detection Products with Greater Flexibility.

At Tyco, we’re proud to offer a range of advanced non-proprietary fire detection products with two industry leading brand names: Vigilant and Simplex.


The benefit of ‘non-proprietary’ products is that they can be serviced by any trained fire service company, anytime. This means, as a Tyco customer, you have the freedom to call upon any trained technician for servicing, programming, system upgrades or the installation of spare parts, as you need.

Proprietary products, on the other hand, require you to go back to the system manufacturer for support. Such products can be a hindrance, as customers are limited to selected service locations, and must pay whatever price the installer demands for its services.

By purchasing Tyco fire detection products, you are not tied down to one company. This is because we believe customers deserve the flexibility and convenience to choose.

Our Products

These reliable non-proprietary fire detection systems are packed with forward and backward compatible features that allow you to start saving money from the day installation commences.


Unparalleled Products, Unrivaled Support

It's you that matters

Tyco has a dedicated training department that provides all year round training across the major centres cities of Australia and New Zealand. The ongoing training support enables us to provide the latest training updates for fire service companies and ensure they are equipped with the most up-to-date information to deliver highest service support to our customers – you.

Customised Service Tools

Our Research and Development Department develops customised service tools, such as the MX service tool and Simplex TrueSTART II test tool, for any service company. Simply ask us about what you require and we’ll see what we can do.

Spare Parts At Market Prices

Fundamentally, we are all about providing you with options. So in addition to training, resources and accessible fire detection tools, we even offer customers spare parts at competitive market prices.

Dedicated Technical Support Hotline

Let us help you

We go above and beyond to provide customers with support. If you have any questions about your Tyco fire detection panels, please contact our technical support hotline below. Our team of technicians is on call during business hours to assist.


1300 552 559 (toll free)

New Zealand

+64 (0)9 635 0617

Customer Service Department

Alternatively, for all other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us via:


1300 725 688 (toll free) or tfppcustservice.au@tycofp.com

New Zealand

+64 9 635 0617 or tsp.sales.nz@tycoint.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Making things easier for you

When a fire detection product is described as ‘non-proprietary’, it means it can be serviced or programmed by any suitably qualified fire alarm service company. In other words, programming or servicing does not need to be carried out by the manufacturer – nor it is restricted to a small or exclusive group of distributors.

Purchasing a non-proprietary fire detection product means you have greater choice when it comes to selecting a servicing company. You do not need to rely on the manufacturer or limited distributors to attend to your system. The end result is more competitive market prices from qualified fire alarm service companies.

Yes. Tyco has a dedicated training department that provides year-round training on its major product lines, across all major cities in Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, Tyco supplies a full range of spare parts for its products to any bona fide fire alarm service company at competitive prices.

Absolutely. Because our products are non-proprietary, you have the flexibility to choose any qualified technician. We advise you check they have completed a Tyco training course on the particular fire detection system you have.

Having led the fire detection industry for over 100 years, you'll find no shortage of Tyco-trained technicians to choose from near you. However, we recommend you check how recently your technician of choice completed Tyco training, and what systems/products they are most familiar with. You are welcome to contact our Customer Service Department on 1300 725 688 (Australia) or +64 9 635 0617 (New Zealand) should you require any information.

A significant number are, however not all of them. Check whether the company has sent its technicians to our comprehensive training courses before you engage them for your fire detection installation or service.

Forward and backward compatibility means you can upgrade existing (or older) systems to comply with the latest standards. This feature allows you to take advantage of the latest generation of fire detection devices without purchasing an entirely new fire detection system – thereby extending its lifespan and lowering overall lifetime cost. Tyco’s Vigilant MX1, Vigilant MX4428 and Simplex 4100 fire detection systems are forward and backward compatible.

Replacing an entire system with a new one can be very costly. This is because in many cases, field devices (such as detectors, modules, mechanical service interfaces and possibly even the wiring itself) need to be replaced all at once. On the other hand, upgrading allows you to replace devices separately. This means you can budget for new parts over time, while remaining fully compliant and operational.

Not many. Most manufacturers prefer to make new systems, rendering older panels and spare parts obsolete. Furthermore, parts designed are often incompatible with existing products. In this regard, we believe Tyco’s track record is second-to-none. You gain the greater flexibility and choice by purchasing Tyco products compared to other fire detection systems on the market. 

If you're interested in purchasing a new fire detection system, or considering upgrading an existing Tyco fire detection system, we highly recommend you chat to our team about your options.  It is important you are correctly informed to ensure you make the right decision. Regardless which installation or service company you choose, you should always seek accurate information from the manufacturer regarding the product life cycle and upgrade options.

No. Tyco products are not just market-leading, they are also market-competitive. And if you factor in forwards/backwards compatibility, you benefit from lower overall lifetime cost. You do not have to completely replace your fire detection system multiple times over the same period.

Tyco offers expert technical support over the phone in Australia and New Zealand during business hours. For help, simply call:

Australia: 1300 552 559 (Toll Free)

New Zealand: +64 (0)3 389 5096

For more product-related information, please visit our website: www.tycosafetyproducts-anz.com

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